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Degree Modules

  • International Relations & Diplomacy:
    • ​​Resources&Environment, Economy of Developing Countries, Modern Diplomacy, American Foreign Policy, International Relations, The Political Economy of North-South Relations, Writing for Foreign Affairs, Practical Diplomacy,  American Political System...
  • International Business:
    • ​Applications of Computers, Sustainable Development, Business Communication, Behavioral Aspects, Human Resources Management, Multinational Enterprise, Economic Geography, International Trade&Finance, International Business, Internacional Economic...
  • General Studies:
    • ​Art History, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, English Composition, Cross-Cultural Communication, Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication, European History, Mathematics, Politica Science, Psychology, Science and Society...



About our Degrees

For Schiller International University, an understanding of global issues and the ability to adapt to numerous international work environments is vital. A typical Schiller alumnus is a versatile professional, working either as an entrepreneur or in a multinational/international company.

When do programs startThanks to our unique and flexible system of education, you have the great opportunity to start in any month of the year. 

Degree Features

  • All courses taught in English
  • American & British Degree
  • Experienced International Faculty 
  • A Network of Alumni providing global contacts
  • Access to Internship Opportunities
  • A complete Business Curriculum

US Federal Financial Aid and VA benefits are available for those who qualify

Private Business School with Campuses in

  • Paris - France
  • Heidelberg- Germany
  • Madrid - Spain
  • Florida - USA